Sali' Taka (CAPTURED)

A Trandoshan, Hired-Gun looking for vengence for the betrayal of his best friend.


He was recently captured by the Empire. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Sali-Taka, or “Sally” as his human friends call him, is from a planet called Formos. His parents moved there before he was born. They didn’t agree with the typical Trandoshan attitudes, especially towards Wookiees. But when the Empire began working more closely with the Trandoshan government, it became just too much to bear. Their new chosen home, however, wasn’t exactly the paradise they envisioned. It’s no wonder that Sali made human friends, like Dassh and Silus, with questionable morals. Being a rather large and tougher than average “lizard”, Sali quickly found himself in demand. His skills with a Vibro-ax soon landed him, and his friend Dassh, in junior positions on one of the planet’s lesser but rising mercenary groups, the Dark Novas.

It was one of their early missions. Simple really. Just escort one of the local politicians from one city to another. The local councilman was relatively small fish and the Novas had plenty of firepower for the job…or so they thought. As they were approaching their destination they were ambushed. The skiff Sally and Dassh were on was hit and flipped end over end. Sali was trapped and severely injured. Pinned under the skiff, he couldn’t see what was going on. But he heard every blast, every scream. The skiff was hot from fires on all sides. As he lay there fading away, he could taste the blood in the moist earth.

When Sali woke he found himself on a small bed in a simple hut. No power. Very little light. Still blurry eyed, he became aware of a presence in the room. From the voice, he could tell she was a young woman. Could this be The Scorekeeper? Had his time of tally come? Would his score be found worthy? But as things became more clear, he realized it was in fact a Twi’lek girl. She had been singing. But when she saw his eyes starting to open she began asking him questions and tried to give him water. He wanted to lash out at his captor, but was too weak. As he tried to stand, he started to fall. But someone else in the room caught him and placed him back into bed. The strain from the event caused Sali to once again slip into darkness.

Over time, Sali recovered. Acting more rationally with a clear head, he learned the girl was named Matet and her grandfather, Guro Kali, had saw the smoke from the ambush and rescued Sali from the crashed skiff. No one else survived. Guro cautioned Sali to stay inside while he recovered. He had seen people watching the crash site. They may still be looking for survivors.

Sali’s Trandoshan regeneration allowed him to recover quickly. As Sali felt he owed Guro a “ghrakhowsk”, Trandoshan’s version of a life debt, he stayed behind to help. This also allowed him to lay low longer until he could decide his next move. And, although he wouldn’t admit it at the time, he started becoming fond of Matet. He helped Guro tend to the artificial fields in the bio dome. He helped Matet tend to the flocks. He learned humility, patience, and how to enjoy a simple life. He became a member of the community, and in time, a member of the family. Eventually, Guro began teaching Sali the ways of X’Krimador, a long forgotten philosophy and martial art, to some even a religion. Sali was honored to learn.

Sali spent five years with Guro and Matet. He had changed a lot. He was content with his new life, with his new family. He and Matet had professed their love. They were returning with the flock and Sali was prepared to ask Guro for permission to wed Matet. As they approached, they saw the smoke from the fires. Everything froze for what seemed like an eternity. When it began, everything was slow. Matet’s screams echoed in his ears. He ran faster than he had ever run before. But it was all in vain. The small hut was embers. Guro’s lifeless body lay on the ground near by.

Sali' Taka (CAPTURED)

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