Scum and Villainy

Episode 1 - Scum and Villainy

"Nar Shadda" "Zann Consortium"

Episode 1
Scum and Villainy
It’s a time of peril in the galaxy. While the Empire tightens its control over the Core Worlds, the Outer Rim worlds remain lawless and wild. Spice, slaves, blasters, and credits rule here.

The Empire is determined to create a foothold in these worlds by recruiting unlucky informants to infiltrate and gather information about the criminal organizations that run these worlds.

On Nar Shadda, the Smugglers Moon of the Y’Toub system, a group of these spies have infiltrated a safehouse of the Zann Consortium to find data that will help the Empire crush the dangerous and shadowy organization….

Seth Janders, W1-K1, and Sali’ Taka first find themselves in a hideout where a game of Sabacc is being played on two tables. There are three tough guards in the room. They’ve been sent here by Silus Sherrol, ISB agent, to uncover data about the Zann Consortium. Seems like they have made enough noise for the Empire to take notice and now they need some info.

Seth makes the mistake of trying to beg one of the players for some credits, which the guards take unkindly. While he is fast talking himself out of the situation, W1-K1 takes the opportunity to sneak through a door to the back of the room.

W1-K1 quickly finds a computer and begins to download some data. The guards here are pretty lax and he makes short time in getting the download. He heads back to the Sabacc room.


Sali bides his time by winning at Sabacc, to the detriment of one particular player seated next to him.

The door opens and W1-K1 slips back into the room. There’s a knock at the door. Imperial Stormtroopers? What are they doing here?

They force their way into the room and have a look around. They take interest into W1-K1 and start to search him. The rest of the party objects, but backs down when the Stormtroopers raises their blasters at them. The trooper tries to uncover the identify of the droid, but W1-K1 falsifies his records. These aren’t the droids they’re looking for. The Stormtroopers continue to the back of the building, giving our heroes a chance to leave.

The team heads back to a speeder, where Deelo awaits. However,they are threated by two thugs that block their pass and one irate Sabacc player who wants his money back from Sali’ Taka.

Never shying away from a fight, the PCs jump into action and after a couple of rounds, find themselves on the winning side. Seth and W1-K1 finish their foes and turn to see Sali’ Taka stomp the irate Sabacc player into a bloody pulp. Shaken from the incident, they all turn and head back to their room.

The team mines some of the data and gets a name from the ledgers that they’ve uncovered—Halron Korror.

After meeting with Silus, the team begins to hit the streets in search of this Halron Korror. He’s a hard man to find unless he wants to find you.

A swoop gang rolls up on W1-K1 and Halron introduces himself. Instead of W1-K1, having to defend himself, he finds that he and Halron have swoop bike passion in common so become acquaintances. He invites him to the races in a couple nights, despite the pleading from his friend to ignore the droid.

The team gathers at the racetrack still in search of a plan to get information from Korror about who he is and how he’s tied into the data. The team needs to get near him, so why not get into the race?

Seth finds a swoop biker who’s had too much Glitterstim and enters the race for him. At the appointed time, he lines up against Halron and they’re off.

Seth gets a good start and gains a meter against Halron, racing at speeds that make everything a blur, dodging pedestrians, and turning through a dogleg. Finally, a jump through the maw and HE LANDS IT! But there’s an explosion. Halron didn’t land it.

Spectators and racers are horrified. Seth turns around and sees that he’s alive, but barely. He stabilizing him just as the other members of the swoop gang arrive, furious at the fate of their friend. Seth calms them down with some quick wit and soothing words.

The rest of the group pulls up and convinces the gang to let them take Halron back to the ship so they can put him in their bacta tank. (Of course, this is a lie so they can kidnap Halron).

They load him on the back of a service speeder and head to the starport.

The group thinks of their next steps. They have an incapacitated Halron and two members of the swoop gang in the back along with Seth and Sali’ Taka. As they’re pondering how to get Halron alone, Sali’ leaps into action. He kicks open the door and pushes the male out of the speeder, but at the last second is grabbed and pulled out with him.

The woman screams and pulls out a knife on Seth. They fight. Seth pushes her towards the edge, while coming within inches of being gashed by the knife. Everytime he gets close, she’s able to scramble back to safety. As he tries to kick her out again, the speeder suddenly comes to a halt (Deelo stops at the suggestion of W1-K1) and he’s thrown against the cab. She charges with the knife and slices him in the leg. She raises the knife against the doctor again when W1-KI comes around to the back and stuns her with his blaster. Seth is hurt, but alive.

Sali’ Taka and the swoop ganger square off. Destiny made sure that he had his vibro axe with him.

Seeing this, the ganger pulls out a heavy blaster pistol and fires at Sali’, narrowly missing. Sali’ charges, knocks him back, but he keeps his feet. The hulking Trandoshan can’t believe it. Being quicker, the ganger steps back to get a steady aim and hits the Trandoshan. And once again Sali’ charges, knocking back him again.

This time instead of backing up, the ganger takes aim and fires square at Sali’, who’s now hurt and feeling the danger of the moment. He brings the vibroax to bear one more time and nearly sleaves the ganger’s arm off at the shoulder.

Grievously wounded, the ganger runs away, but not without stopping to look at his enemy one last time.

Sali’ limps back to the speeder.

The group meets with Silus and agrees on giving Halron to the Empire for presumed processing. W1-K1 is given some info on the whereabouts of the daughter of the family that employed him—Formos. They decide that staying in Nar Shadda would be much too dangerous and so they leave the planet, in search of W1-K1s past.


  • Triumphs and Despairs can really impact the storylines of the game in dramatic fashion. I was planning on doing something different entirely, but the guys rolled up a couple of great situations with the dice that this system uses.
  • This was our first time using these rules so we had a lot of learning to do. For the race, we agreed on seven rolls that would determine the winner. It was during the 4th roll that Seth rolled a Triumph (He won race hands down) and despair (the person they needed crashed and nearly died.)



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