A LOM Class III Droid technician


W1-K1 is a LOM series droid black in color. A Mark III programmed for mechanics. While he is a protocol droid, his penchants for language has been replaced with a library for mechanical know how, and droids. Some of the modifications he has made on himself include:

Making the trademark LOM insecticide eyes smaller and pushed more forward looking so as to appear more human. He has also added “eyebrows” above these somewhat more human eyes. When at rest the eyebrows almost blend in with the rest of his droid face being somewhat recessed. He at times enters what he calls “murder mode” at which time his eyes glow red and eyebrows look more … perturbed. It usually serves to intimidate those who are a weaker minded, but streetwise toughs tend to recognize that it is more cosmetic than really a droid berserker rage.

Since he started hitting the streets for his master he started carrying a light blaster whenever possible to protect himself and those he is with. He also has embedded in his palm and fingers the equivalent of stun gloves for self protection.

Being a protocol droid, W1-K1 is naturally a slighter build of droid. By no means is he as physically durable as a service droid, yet through internal restructuring and external light armor he is much tougher than his fragile frame looks. If he were organic, the term wirey would apply to him best, ironically.

He has very light chitinous armor plates that, when polished are a reflective chrome. These plates are strategically placed and cover the most exposed/ likely to be damaged locations on his body. Wrists, heels of the palm, shoulders, knees, elbows, chest, head, thighs, tops of feet, shins.


Originally from Coruscant in service of Senator Carthier Naithan II. Carthier’s side passion is that of droid collection. While he is not engaged in politicking, wheeling and dealing, he is working on fixing up the crew of about 40 droids in his service. W1-K1 was his first droid, also the master of all his other droids.

While W1k1’s primary role was that of HDIC, maintaining and managing Carthier’s droid service army, he also served as a inconspicuous go liaison and go-fer. Frequently Carthier could not travel to the back allies to make deals and W1-K1 could easily traverse these roads, communicating live with coms to his master.

He has served the Naithan family for years and feels an obligation to the family that has treated him so well for so long.

Not very long after the empire started to really assert themselves on the core worlds, they set up Carthier and had him and as much of his family as they could find arrested as rebels. W1-K1 and Carthier’s two daughters escaped. Now W1-K1 scours the galaxy trying to find them and get enough information to free Naithan, his wife, and son who are in captivity.

W1-K1 personality and physical description.

W1-K1has a drive to be the best mechanic he can be. Being a droid, this is natural. W1-K1 is also an old droid and being old has caused his programming to get a little fuzzy. So any time he works on mechanics he gets tunnel vision and wants the work to be perfect.

Another quirk that has developed over the years is how his finger servos drive all the time if he is talking. His speech is very robotic and halting seeming to have no rhyme or reason to its pitch. Despite these eccentrics, he can be charismatic…for a droid.

Through the years the droid has taken on a number of humanistic characteristics. Very often he will play up the ‘dumb droid’ role but is fully situationally aware of his surroundings. Much like playing possum, he will pretend his programming doesn’t understand what is going on so he can strike from a safer position, or simply gather more useful information.

Naithan family:
Patriarch – Carthier Naithan
Matriarch – Sonett
Eldest daughter – Shaneesh
Youngest daughter – Seles
Youngest son – Carthier Naithan II


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