Talan (Kilsta Kalimaguro)

Nogrhi Assassin



Short, 1.5m (~ 5’)
Stocky, 80 kgs (~ 175 lbs)
gray skin
no hair
black eyes
black tribal tattoos all over body, arms, leg
Imperial slave mark (QR code style tattoo/brand) on forehead
simple heavy clothes
doesn’t speak much. soft spoken in a deep guttural voice.
always looking around.

… missing left leg. :(


Kilsta was a young warrior from Clan Khim’bar on planet Honoghr. He was selected for a new training program by their new allies, The Empire. Barely into his training, he overheard a conversation between two Imperial officers about Lord Vader’s plan to poison the Honoghr planetary environment so he could continue to supply them with the equipment needed to keep their home world livable. This would make him a hero and keep them loyal. An attempt was made on Kilsta’s life, but failed. He was accused of murdering his fellow trainee, arrested, marked as a slave, and was sent to work (and die) in an Imperial mine. The rub is that he never really overheard the conversation. He doesn’t know of Vader’s plans and has no idea why all of this happened.

While in transport, he was held in a minor Imperial holding facility. There he was freed by a brave band of heroes. Having saved his life, he had sworn himself to their cause owing them a life debt. The honor of his Clan demands it.

Now on the run from the Empire, he has adapted the name Talan. He seeks to aid his new friends in their noble struggle, clear his name (which he knows will never really happen), and make the Empire hurt.

Talan (Kilsta Kalimaguro)

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