Scum and Villainy

Episode 4 - Beyond the Rim

The group found themselves at The Wheel, a space station near the Perlemian Trade Route, which has a special status of being free from the Empire.

There, Seth Janders met with an old compatriot named Reom, who is the head of Isotech. It seems that a rescue beacon was found near the space station after 20 years and contained a message from Captain Rel Harsol of the Sa Nalaor. The Sa Nalaor was an old Separtist ship that escaped the Galactic Empire during the end of the Clone Wars and was filled with treasure and old technology of the Separtists.

In a message to Reom’s father, Captain Rel Harsol stated that they were going to crash there and in need of some support. Support that would not come—until now!

Deelo, Seth, and W1-K1 bargained with Reom to split half of the findings plus 10000 credits if they go to Cholganna, discover what they can, and bring any tech to the planet of Raxus.

A deal made, the group went about getting outfitted for their trip to the hostile planet, spending nearly all of their credits in the hopes of discovering treasure. They did this, while waiting for the arrival of IT-3PO, a protocol droid in the employ of IsoTech, with connections with Captain Rel Harsol. They were to take IT-3PO to the planet, so the Captain was sure that they were friendly to their cause.

While they were wandering the wheel, they came into contact with an ISB agent. One that was not friendly to their cause, but one that dropped a valuable clue for the team. They discovered that these ISB agents did not know that they were in their employ, by Silas Sherrol.

After that, they returned to their hanger to wait for IT-3P0, who was to arrive at 8PM. At 8:05PM, with no sign of him, they went in search and found that he was kidnapped by a rival group of Salvagers—the Yiyar Clan. Seth, Deelo and W1-K1 chased in hot-pursuit. With Deelo dealing most of the damage, the group was able to retrieve the droid and take off to Cholganna.

After arrival, they spent some time scanning the surface in search of any signs that the Sa Nalaor may be there. Finally, after some hours they located what appeared to be a debris field and landed in the thick, dark jungle…to be continued.



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